Waeco Thermistor Repair Waeco CF18 Through CF60 ($18.50)
Waeco CF18, CF25, CF35, CF40, CF50, CF60, all VERA, all VERB, CDF35 and CDF45
These fridge units require only a single thermistor cable replacement as provided (OEM)

Waeco Thermistor Repair CF80, CF110, all VERA, all VERB ($33.99)
Waeco CF80, CF110, all VERA, all VERB
These fridge units require 2 thermistor cables and this purchase provides both of them (OEM)

Waeco 9A Poly Fuse fix for red light flashing ($11.99)
Waeco genuine replacement poly fuse. One of the predominant reasons the LEDs flash red. Common symptom will be a red error light flashing independent of 12VDC, 24VDC, or 240volts.
We also advise as an additional check that your verify the power supply using a voltmeter. If the supply checks good regulation under load, and the flashing occurs regardless of power source, then replacing thi poly fuse will most likely solve your problem.

Replacement Raps36 Charge Cable 80-T2-1500JL For Battery Pack ($22.95)
Why pay more to replace your Raps36 cable? Here you can buy our quality 1.5 meter equivalent replacement cable (Waeco 80-T2-1500JL) at a significant discount.

Waeco CF25 Fan Replacement ($29.99)
Waeco OEM replacement CF25 fridge freezer cooling fan. Fans fits mounting brackets, meets cfm specification, and mates with existing connectors.
The fans fail mostly due to moisture and dust buildup as well as normal wear and tear. Buy this fan replacement to keep your Waeco running cool.