CF80, CF110, VERA, VERAB Waeco Thermistor Repair Kit

($33.99) Repair Kit for Dual Waeco Thermistors for units CF80, CF110, all VERA, all VERB

Thermistor Repair Kit for Waeco CF80, CF110, all VERA, all VERB. These fridge units require 2 thermistor cables and this purchase provides both of them (OEM)

Repairing Waeco refrigerator thermistor problems has just gotten more reliable while costing less! Our product is totally compatible with Waeco CF80, CF110, all VERA, all VERB units. The thermistor is cemented, potted, and hermetically sealed for long lasting life and durability. If you are interested in buying the dual thermistors with thermal grease included (+$4.00 additional cost) please visit this link.

The company states ''product is only to be installed by experienced technicians, incorrect installation voids all warranty and damage claims''. Please see further conditions of Eula (limits for liability) before purchasing as purchase mean acceptance of these terms. To see all of Way-Cold's Product Offerings Click Here.

We ship free to both domestic (U.S) and international countries.

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$33.99 Dual Repair Kit

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Waeco Refrigerator Repair Legal Contract using the Way-Cold Thermistor Repair Kit

Eula Terms and Conditions: This manual is for qualified service technicians only and the Way-Cold thermistor should not be installed except by professional electronic service personnel of Waeco refrigerators or trained electronic technicians of RV refrigerator repair.

Way-Cold is void of liability for incorrect installation of part and by installing this replacement thermistor the technician is acknowledging his duty and liability as such for correct installation of part. We do not directly provide instructions for the repair itself, and will not assume responsiblity for materials for the fix provided elsewhere. Also neither the manufacturer nor distributor warrant either the fix nor the hardware that is adjoined to the new thermistor fix.

Installation and/or purchase means acceptance of the terms and conditions.

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